What is Grow My Search?


Grow My Search is the latest search engine developed by Inspire Search Corporation based in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan, south of Tokyo.
Tsubasa Kato holds the patent of the technology used by Grow My Search in Japan. (JP,7002804,B)
We developed a personal web search engine where you will be able to create your own search index by using your own crawler via a web browser.

We hope to benefit those who need more information than a regular search engine.
Grow My Search gets the words you want to expand about and will send it to other search engines to get the seed URL for the crawler to start crawling.

As of 8/24/2021, we support 3 types of search engines to get the seeds for the crawler.

• Usearch (based in Israel),
• Searx (meta search engine where it will grab results from major search engines) and
• Yacy (community based web search engine).

You can also start crawling from a URL.
You will only need to create an account from here: https://www.growmysearch.com/register.php

After you create an account, you will be able to use the web crawler. (Note: you will need to crawl sites and insert it to index to be able to search unlike most typical search engines)
Enjoy your search!

Demo of Grow My Search:

Manual is uploaded! (11/8/2021) Click here to download (PDF)

For enquiries:
Please contact [email protected]

We provide dedicated server solution for business users. Please contact us for pricing, etc.


Since 2003.

We have been in the search engine field since 2003.
Tsubasa Kato, CEO / programmer of Grow My Search earned a certificate of Applied Cybersecurity from MIT in 2013.


Easy to use. Best for research or business intelligence.

Just type in the keyword or URL and run the crawler. That's it!